New Products Overview - February & March 2020

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Apr 2nd 2020

It is hard to sit down and write a blog post about what was new in Feb and March of 2020 without at least briefly acknowledging the COVID-19 crisis. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those struggling (physically and otherwise) during this unprecedented time. For those of you who are confined to your home and need a positive lightning rod for your thoughts and energy, now is a great time to collaborate digitally with others on STEAM projects. For those of you in FTC, now is also a good time to start planning your robot for next season. To that end, we humbly invite you to take a look at the new products we rolled out on over the course of the last two months.

  1. 8 Channel Servo Power Node (3108-2827-0801)
    Power multiple servos as well as other devices such as receivers and microcontrollers from one battery with this Servo Power Node.  
  2. Right Angle PCB Mount XT30 Connector (3803-0033-0002)
    When you need to power more than eight devices from the same battery, this connector can be soldered to a Servo Power Node. The connector allows it to be daisy-chained to another Servo Power Node.
  3. Ball Bearing Slide Pack for 1121 Series Low-Side U-Channel (3210-0001-0004)
    This kit interlocks two Low-Side U-Channels such that they smoothly glide past each other (similar to a drawer slide). It is a low-friction, lightweight solution for linear motion support.
  4. Drop-Center Bearing Plate (1616-0032-0002)
    Improve the steering of your six wheel drive robot with this simple part. This four pack of plates let you lower two of your wheels so that, at any given time, four of your six drive wheels have more grip on the drive surface than the other two. This shortens your effective wheel-base and decreases friction when skid steering.
  5. Aluminum Baseplate (1140-0006-0144)
    Whether you are constructing a robot arm, creating a pan and tilt system, or cooking up a paintball gun surprise, this substantial slab of aluminum is here to serve as a solid foundation for your next project. If its 144mm diameter and 225g weight are not enough, you can easily use the plethora of thru-holes to screw it down to a stable surface.
  6. 2:1 Ratio Bevel Gear Set with 8mm REX Bore Pinion Gear (3204-0002-0002)
    When you need to create a right angle drive that can handle high torque situations, this is the bevel gear set you are looking for. The steel construction, 2:1 ratio, and MOD 1.5 pitch (large teeth) set you up for strength. The 8mm REX bore of the pinion is designed for our 8mm REX Stainless Steel Shafting. If you've ever rounded out a 6mm D-bore, 8mm REX is the big step up you've been waiting for. We recommend pairing the hub-mount bevel gear in this set with a Hyper Hub for maximum hold.
  7. 8mm REX Bore, 14 Tooth Bevel Gear (2306-4008-0014)
    This pinon bevel gear is from the set above. Having an extra will come in handy should you want to drive your hub-mount gear with two pinons.
  8. Quad Block Motor Mount for REV UltraPlanetary Gearbox (1702-0043-0003)
    If you've got an UltraPlanetary Gearbox and use goBILDA for the structure of your robot, you are going to love this mount! It fastens to your UltraPlanetary Gearbox and lets you mount it down inside of 1120 Series U-Channel!
  9. 8mm REX Flanged Shaft for REV Motion Pattern (2105-4008-0029)
    This steel flanged shaft is another must if you are using the UltraPlanetary Gearbox with goBILDA. It bolts to the output of the gearbox and provides you with a stout 8mm REX shaft to mount hubs, couplers, and pinion gears to.