New Products Overview - March 2021

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Apr 15th 2021

It's new product overview time again! Let's take a look back at March 2021:

  1. 8mm REX Worm Gear Set (3204-0001-0002)
    This 28:1 worm gear set rocks an 8mm REX bore in the stainless steel worm. Both the worm (2313-4008-0033) and the worm gear (2314-0014-0028) can be purchased individually. Note that they are MOD 1.25 which it is not compatible with our MOD 1.5 6mm D-Bore Worm Gear Set.
  2. A Dozen New Hubs
    Our awesome hubs can be a great gateway to the goBILDA build system. With this in mind we thought it would be a good idea to offer a variety of bore options from the greater mechanical world. From imperial to non-goBILDA metric sizes, these new hubs might be just what you need to fasten goBILDA components to your shaft.
    1. Lightweight Set Screw Hub (1/8" Bore) 1308-0016-0125
    2. Lightweight Set Screw Hub (3/16" Bore) 1308-0016-0187
    3. Lightweight Set Screw Hub (3mm Bore) 1308-0016-0003
    4. Sonic Hub (4mm Bore) 1309-0016-0004
    5. Sonic Hub (5mm Bore) 1309-0016-0005
    6. Sonic Hub (8mm Bore) 1309-0016-0008
    7. Sonic Hub (1/4" Bore) 1309-0016-0250
    8. Sonic Hub (1/4" D-Bore) 1309-0016-1250
    9. Hyper Hub (1/4" Bore) 1310-0016-0250
    10. Hyper Hub (3/8" Bore) 1310-0016-0375
    11. Hyper Hub (1/2" Bore) 1310-0016-0500
    12. Hyper Hub (1/2" Hex Bore) 1310-0016-2500
  3. 2.5mm Pattern Spacer (1504-0032-0025)
    In the goBILDA ecosystem, 2.5mm is an important measurement. It is the thickness of channel walls, pattern plates, grid plates and more. Given Pattern Spacers get used in a variety of ways, we thought it important to have a Pattern Spacer in this cardinal dimension.
  4. Dual Block Mount (1205-0001-0004)
    While we have other Dual Block Mount designs, we felt this one deserved a place in the product line because of its ability to add parts which are threaded on the 32mm pattern, to an open end of channel. A picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the Product Insights :)
  5. 10.5mm OD V-Groove Bearing (1609-0610-0004)
    This v-groove bearing is the kid brother to the 13mm OD one. Its purpose is purely to act in a pulley capacity. While the larger v-groove bearing can be used in a pulley capacity its primary designation is to work with our V-Guide. 
  6. Replacement Planet Gears (5105-0103-1405)
    This replacement gear set is designed to work in the first stage of specific models of 5202 Series Yellow Jackets (check the product page for the complete list) if you want to to swap out the stock.


Here are some of the updates and running changes that we deployed during in March:

  • To go along with the release of the 10.5mm v-groove bearing, the V-Groove Pulley (3408-0001-0001) has been updated to use it instead of the 13mm OD v-groove bearing.
  • The 2910-0921-0008 was released as a replacement to the 2910-0818-0008. The primary difference is that it now has a built-in shim. It also uses a larger pinch bolt (an M4 screw with a 3mm hex drive).
  • The 1206-0016-0006 was released as a replacement to the 1206-0016-0002. It is slightly thicker and the recesses now allow for locknuts to be captured.
  • The Strafer Chassis (3209-0001-0004) had a minor update (which we call version 4.1). A plastic pattern spacer has been replaced with an aluminum one (1504-0032-0025).

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