New Products Overview - October 2020

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Nov 5th 2020

Happy November everybody! Here is a quick look back at the products we launched last month: 

  1. New Mecanum Wheels (3213-3606-0002)
    We released the next generation of mecanum wheels. They are narrower, stronger and lighter than the previous version. The rollers are now 70A for better traction. 
  2. New Strafer Chassis Kit (3209-0001-0003)
    This is the 3rd version of our Strafer Chassis. It uses our new mecanum wheels as well as our 2106 Series 8mm REX Shafting. The narrower wheels meant we could switch to a 10 Hole channel (vs the 8 Hole channel used in version 2) for the crossbar while still staying under 18" (17.8") in width. It is easier to assemble because the wheel spacing and miter gear mesh are completely taken care of for you by included spacers.
  3. BeeLine Chassis Kit (3209-0002-0001)
    Strafing is great but, like Rock Scissors Paper, each approach has advantages and disadvantages. So we also released a super solid non-strafing chassis - the BeeLine. The BeeLine is an agile, 4-Motor, 6WD chassis with great traction.
  4. 2106 Series 8mm REX Shafting
    Our 2102 Series 8mm REX Shafting has become the go-to shaft within the build system. But we took it to the next level. 2106 Series 8mm REX Shafting contains an E-Clip groove (with included pre-attached E-clip) near one end and and an M4 threaded hole on each end. The threaded holes allow it to act as a super strong standoff - while the E-clip can save you a collar and creates some very compact and cool assembly possibilities.
  5. 6mm D-Bore to 6mm D-Bore Hyper Coupler (4007-1006-1006)
    When we launched goBILDA we had a strong coupler option for connecting two 6mm D-shafts (4004-1006-1006). However, since that part was first designed, we invented Hyper Hubs. The Hyper style of clamping is balanced and compact without sacrificing strength. So naturally we began updating our couplers lineup to use the Hyper style of clamping. The release of this Hyper Coupler marks the end of the original 4004 Series of couplers. 
  6. XT30 Lead (3800-0002-0300)
    This lead is what you might find on a power source such as a battery. It can be very convenient if you want to switch from a less ideal connector like Tamiya or Deans.
  7. Running Changes
    Besides new products there were several updates to existing products as well. The  1200-0024-0001 (1-Side, 2-Post Pattern Mount) now has a bearing recess. The 8mm REX Bore Sonic Hub (1309-0016-4008) has been updated to the 2mm protrusion (from 1mm). And the Thru-Hole 6mm D-Bore Sonic Hub (1311-0016-1006) has been updated to the 32mm OD design with M4 pinch bolts (the original generation of Sonic Hubs were flat across the top and bottom and used M3 pinch bolts).

As you can see we are always adding new products and improving existing ones. If there is something that you really wish that we offered, drop us a line at

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