New Products Overview - September 2019

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Oct 10th 2019

September was the month of 8 REX (see our previous blog post) but that is not all we launched. Here is the full list of products we pumped out last month:

  • Dual Pattern Pillow Block (1608-0001-0001)
    This little guys is like a Pattern Spacer that rotates. It lets you bolt components on either end to create a compact swivel joint or continuous rotation axis.
  • White Mecanum Rollers (3611-0001-0002)
    Display your team spirit! These white rollers fit our  goBILDA Mecanum Wheels and can be dyed to the color of your liking.
  • Replacement Servo Gear Set (2310-2000-0002)
    Anything mechanical wears over time. If you need to service your  2000-0025-0002 goBILDA Servo, you will want this drop-in replacement for the servo's stock gear set.
  • Stainless Steel 8mm REX Shafting
    Okay we are on to the 8mm REX stuff now, and what better way to start off than with the shafting itself. The flats are on a hex pattern giving a boat-load of holding force without slipping - but the points have been clipped to an 8mm OD so that the shaft fits in 8mm round bore bearings. It is stronger than 6mm D-Shaft (and with more holding power) but lighter weight than Stainless Steel 12mm REX Shaft. It is available in lengths from 40mm to 600mm.
  • 8mm REX Bore Sonic Hub (1309-0016-4008)
    Of course a new shaft profile needs supporting parts! We were pumped to crank out a new bore option in our famous Sonic Hub design. If you've not heard of Sonic Hubs before,  check them out! Sonic Hubs are compact, balanced, and will not mar your shaft.
  • 8mm REX Bore Hyper Hub (1310-0016-4008)
    Another favorite hub design got an 8mm REX bore option last month as well. Like Sonic Hubs, Hyper Hubs are also balanced and will not mar your shaft. But they trade compactness for strength. If they are new to you,  take a look!
  • 8mm REX Bore Hyper Couplers (4007-1006-40084007-4008-4012)
    The 4007-1006-4008 coupler take you from a 6mm D-shaft (commonly found on gear motors) to a shiny new 8mm REX Shaft. The 4007-4008-4012 coupler will let you connect a 12mm REX Shaft to an 8mm REX Shaft. Both utilize the same balanced, strong clamping style of the Hyper Hubs.
  • 8mm REX Bore Clamping Collar (2910-1020-4008)
    Finally, a clamping collar for the new 8mm REX lineup finishes out the initial roll-out of supporting components.