New Products Overview - Summer 2021

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Sep 8th 2021

The summer is winding down, and it is once again time to take a look back and discuss parts that we have released since the last blog post. Let's dive in!

  1. Master FTC Kit, 2021-2022 Season (3200-4008-2122)
    This year's FTC kit went full-on 8mm REX to give you the competitive edge. Past FTC kits were basically a sampler allowing you to try a wide array of parts and approaches. This year's kit still has that spirit but we also made sure to include the parts needed to build a fully functional chassis with a grabber arm. This starter bot concept is not meant to win Worlds, but it will help rookie teams get up and running quickly.
  2. More 2106 Series 8mm REX Shaft Lengths
    We released some more lengths of our favorite shafting! The 43mm length fits wall-to-wall inside of channel and the 48mm length matches the outer width of channel.
    1. 43mm (2106-4008-0430)
    2. 48mm (2106-4008-0480)
    3. 52mm (2106-4008-0520)
    4. 192mm (2106-4008-1920)
  3. Servo-Driven Gear Rack Kits
    If you can run a servo, you can create linear motion with these kits. They provide ample ways to mount them to other goBILDA components. Ahh, that goBILDA blend of utility and ease-of-use!
    1. Single (3207-0001-0001)
    2. Dual (3207-0001-0002)
  4. Super Duty Worm Drive Pan Kit (3208-0001-0028)
    This beast will move up to 200lb with ease. Just before we launched this, I bolted a Baseplate to the top of one which had an 1150 RPM Yellow Jacket installed. I plugged in a 12V battery to start it up and then stepped on the top. I weigh around 185lb and this thing did not even notice I was there. It spun me around like a ballerina. When a motor gets slowed down by a high load you can hear the pitch change as it slows - in this case, there was no noticeable change, in speed or pitch, whether I was on or off the kit.
  5. 30A Rhino Wheels
    Traditional Rhinos (3601 Series) have 70A durometer rubber tread. This makes them very durable and allows them to turn easily in skid steer setups. However, sometimes you just need more grip. The 3614 Series Rhinos have 30A durometer silicon rubber (the same as our  Gecko™ Wheels). This gives any chassis they are driving a high amount of traction. Besides being useful for chassis, they are also very effective in collection assemblies or counter-rotating shooter setups given their high-grip and minimal expansion at high-speeds.
    1. 72mm Diameter (3614-0014-0072)
    2. 96mm Diameter (3614-0014-0096)
  6. Arc-Slot Tensioner Bracket (1524-0001-0001)
    When working with belts and chains, a tensioner can often save the day. This steel tensioner is as compact as possible while providing 20mm of travel. Given the high amount of mounting locations on channel, it has the reach to get your belt or chain dialed in to perfection.
  7. Wera Brand Hex Keys
    Not all hex keys are created equal. Having the right tool can make all the difference and these hex-plus profile keys from Wera Tools are the kind you'll wish you picked up sooner. Their special shape is compatible with standard hex drive screws but allows you to apply more torque while also reducing the risk of rounding out the screw's drive!
    1. 2.5mm (5027103001)
    2. 3mm (5027104001)
  8. 24mm Wide Quad Block Mount (1201-0024-0001)
    We love quad blocks! The 24mm width of this one pairs well with goRAIL. Use it to mount 1-Side 2-Post parts to the end of goRAIL or to mount goRAIL perpendicularly to another piece of goRAIL. It also doubles as a surface mount adaptor so you can mount your goRAIL directly to a surface like plywood.
  9. A Hyper Hub on the 32mm Pattern! (1313-1632-4012)
    This 1313 Series of Hyper Hub is the first of its kind. It not only has threaded holes on the 16mm Square Pattern but it also has threaded holes on the 32mm Square Pattern for those extra heavy-duty applications. It tucks neatly inside of 32mm bore parts (wheels, gears, pulleys, and sprockets) allowing the bore to rest on its 32mm OD shoulders.
  10. 8mm Round to 8mm REX Hyper Coupler (4007-0008-4008)
    Given it is a Hyper Coupler, this guy is totally balanced and strong. It is ideal for coupling a 5203 Series Yellow Jacket or a 2106 Series 8mm REX Shaft to an 8mm round shaft or 8mm lead screw.
  11. 12mm ID Steel Spacers
    These spacers are ideal for use with our 12mm REX shafting. The fact that they are steel will help them hold up in the larger-scale assemblies commonly associated with 12mm REX.
    1. 2mm Length (1515-0015-0020)
    2. 4mm Length (1515-0015-0040)
    3. 6mm Length (1515-0015-0060)
    4. 8mm Length (1515-0015-0080)
    5. 12mm Length (1515-0015-0120)
  12. Rubber Foot (2919-0001-0001)
    This foot fastens with M4 hardware to the bottom of your project. It helpful to isolate noise by absorbing vibration as well as providing thermal and electrical insulation.
  13. XT30 to Bullet Adaptor (3801-0113-0300)
    This is in the simple-but-useful category of products. Sometimes you just want to plug your motor into a battery or power supply for a quick test. Imagine, for example, you are wanting to stand on a pan kit like a ballerina and run it without a motor controller. This lets you do just that.
  14. Super Lube Synthetic Grease (2922-0002-0001)
    Whenever you swap out a gearbox or service a servo, you are going to want some of this super lube to grease the gears before reassembly. It will improve the performance by reducing friction and extend the life of the product.

Besides new products, we also launched a few updates to products:

  1. 3419-1006-0018 replaced 3404-1006-0018. This new version has a built-in shim.
  2. 3417-4008-0024 replaced 3414-4008-0024. Again this new version has a built-in shim.
  3. 1310-0016-4008 was updated. The outer shape of this version changed to allow a hex key to pass by, providing access to screws on the 16mm Square Pattern.

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