Strafer™ Chassis Kit V5


The Strafer™ Chassis Kit features high-torque 312RPM planetary motors, ball bearing mecanum wheels, and everything else you need to make a rigid, low profile, extensively modifiable chassis you can reconfigure in any direction.

At first glance, you might wonder: where are the motors? Flip the chassis over to see four 312RPM 5203 Series Planetary Gear Motors seated cozily within its channel frame. These motors drive steel miter gears and heavy duty hub-shafts riding on ball bearings to make for low-friction holonomic action! Equip the included 96mm diameter mecanum wheels to give the chassis a theoretical speed of over 5.14 ft/sec.

Miter Gears
The motors owe their compact position to the 90° drive created by steel miter gears inside each corner of the chassis. Thoroughly battle-tested through years of robots at even the highest level of competition, they boast profile-matched bores to eliminate any chance of slipping.

8mm REX motor shafts and hub-shafts facilitate fierce positive drive and smooth maintenance of gear assemblies.

96mm diameter goBILDA® Mecanum Wheels feature ball-bearing supported rollers, a narrow profile, and steel side plates. Each wheel measures only 207g—far less than other mecanums on the market! The reduced rotating mass yields quicker acceleration and puts less strain on motors.

Unlike other frames requiring exposed motion components, the Strafer™ Chassis can fit all these premium parts inside its highly configurable goBILDA® pattern 1120 Series U-Channel structure. 

starting fresh?

You don't need a garage of parts or any prior experience to power and drive your new chassis with mobile mecanum action! Just purchase the following products to accompany your Strafer™ Chassis Kit.

If you are in FTC, note that while the Strafer Chassis is competition legal, the only item in the list below which is competition legal is the PDB. This setup, however, may still be useful for prototyping.

Product Insight #4 in the image gallery above shows you how to wire them together for remote control capability!

Bill of Materials:

2 1120-0010-0264 x 2

1120 Series U-Channel (10 Hole, 264mm Length)

2 1120-0017-0432 x 2

1120 Series U-Channel (17 Hole, 432mm Length)

8 1201-0043-0002 x 8

1201 Series Quad Block Pattern Mount (43-2)

4 1522-0010-0120 x 1 1514 Series 8mm ID Spacer (10mm OD, 12mm Length) - 4 Pack
4 1611-0514-0006 x 2

1611 Series Flanged Ball Bearing (6mm ID x 14mm OD, 5mm Thickness) - 2 Pack

4 1611-0514-0008 x 2

1611 Series Flanged Ball Bearing (8mm ID x 14mm OD, 5mm Thickness) - 2 Pack

4 2110-0608-0001 x 4

Shouldered 8mm REX Hub-Shaft (70mm Length)

8 2315-4008-0030 x 8

2315 Series Steel, MOD 1.25 Miter Gear (8mm REX Bore, 30 Tooth)

25 2800-0004-0008 x 1

2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 8mm Length) - 25 Pack

75 2800-0004-0011 x 3

2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 11mm Length) - 25 Pack

25 2801-0004-0008 x 1

2801 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Washer (4mm ID x 8mm OD) - 25 Pack

12 2807-0811-0500 x 1 2807 Series Stainless Steel Shim (8mm ID x 11mm OD, 0.50mm Thickness) - 12 Pack
4 3213-3606-0002 x 1

96mm Mecanum Wheel Set (70A Durometer Bearing Supported Rollers)

4 3801-0613-0100 x 4

2-Pos JST VH [MH-FC] to 3.5mm Bullet [MH-FC] Adaptor (100mm Length)

1 5027103001 x 1 Wera Tools 2.5mm Ball End Hex-Plus L-Key
1 5027104001 x 1

Wera Tools 3mm Ball End Hex-Plus L-Key

4 5203-2402-0019 x 4

5203 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motor (19.2:1 Ratio, 24mm Length 8mm REX Shaft, 312 RPM, 3.3 - 5V Encoder)


Weight 4140g (9.13lbs) Assembled
Version 5.0

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